See-Touch-Interact: Intellisense Materials and beyond!

T. Lim, C. Torres-Sanchez, J.M. Ritchie (EPS) M. Collins, R. Christie (SoTD)

Surrounded by information technology yet unaware of its presence, with passive/active sensing seamlessly and unobtrusively interwoven into daily life – this is the Intellisense Materials concept: safe, adaptive, responsive, functional and smart for well-being (Figure 1a). This project will present future materials not only directly enhancing user well-being but also adding functional, aesthetic properties to our environment. Initially, this project will investigate manufacturing alternatives, proposing innovative functional aesthetics for the wall-covering industry (Figure 1b).

Luminescence (natural, synthetic, electro) as an intellisense property can potentially enhance spatial dimensions through diverse applications in transport, built environments, entertainment, hazard warning and prevention, specifically by creating passive or self-powered intellisense coverings exploiting luminescence characteristics. For example, while wall-coverings can be fire-retardant, they may potentially aid fire-extinguishing and detect, announce or absorb noxious gases. 3D luminescence wall-coverings may be used interactively to evoke learning, for therapy or to create ambience. There is currently no commercially-available 3D luminescence wallpaper, let alone with intellisense capability. This proposal sets the foundations for research into functional, intelligent materials with wide community and economic applications, while providing a cornerstone for advances in pervasive technologies, associated manufacturing methods and processes technologies, associated manufacturing methods and processes.